Using Filters

 Minilabworld's Search Engine has been designed to help you find items quickly and precisely.
To achieve this the Search Engine uses filters.
Filters narrow the search you requested, by ignoring everything else not selected in the filter fields.

 Minilabworld's Search Engine uses 7 filters:

 1.Transaction Filter
: on demand or for sale: select on demand if you want to look through a list of wanted items; select for sale if you want to look through a list of items for sale
All on demand for sale

 2.Category Filter: Select the item/s Category; used minilabs, minilab for parts or parts and accessories.


3.Brand Filter: Select the item/s Brand.


 4.Family Filter:
Select the item/s family; lens, magazine, pump, carrier...


 5.Countries: Select the geographical area where your want to buy or sell your item.


 6.Pictures: Check the box to filter ads with pictures attached.

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 7.Text. Type the name of the person, item, company...that you are looking for. Find out more below...


  Filters in action

 Example: Using a single filter.

 If you use the "Transactions" filter and select "on demand", the Search Engine will exclude any "on sale" item and will show only the list of items on demand.

 Example: Using multiple filters.

 Let's say you are looking for a Fuji 4x6 lens in the USA and you want to see a picture of the actual lens before you buy it.
The filters you would use are the following:

 Transaction: On Sale (because you are looking to buy from the list of minilabs on sale)

 Category: Parts/accessories (because you are looking for a lens)

 Brand: Fuji (because you are looking for this brand)

 Family: Lens (because you need a lens)

: USA (because you want to buy only from the USA)

: Check Box (because you want to see what you might buy)

(in this case the text field doesn't need to be filled out. The Text Filter is unique and is usually used as a single filter. Read more below.)

 Sometimes it's better to start using a single filter or a combination of two or three and add more while you are getting results and matching lists.

 The "Text" filter.

 The "Text" filter is the best option when you need to find the ads posted by a certain Person or  Company. Just type the name and the Search Engine will show the list of ads that contain it. Part Numbers and Ad Numbers also can be found using the "Text" filter.

 Although the "Text" filter is very helpful for certain searches,
sometimes, it may be better to skip the use of it when looking for items that can be named in different ways. Such items can be easily mismatched or skipped.

 For example: a 4x6
inch lens in the US is a 10x15 cm. in Europe. If you type 4x6, the Search Engine will ignore the 10x15 and you would miss the 4x6 lenses listed in Europe.
In this case the option would be the "Family" filter combined with the "Brand" filter for the lens you are looking for.

 Clearing Fields

 Remember to clear all the fields when starting a new search, since past  searches may be still active. Not doing so may lead you to unsuccessful (zero match) searches.


 If you need additional assistance using this Search Engine, please, let us know by sending an e-mail to:  

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PM2S, France

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